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Personal Injury Lawyers in Cincinnati

Attorney Kimberly Beck

Four People You Do Not Want to Sue – Disappointment Seen from the Eyes of Personal Injury Lawyers in Cincinnati

1. People Who Have No Money (and No Insurance)

There is a reason this group of people is number one.  Of all the groups of people on this list, this is the one people sue most often.  As my grandmother used to say, “You can’t draw blood from a turnip.”  By the same token, you cannot make someone give you money if that person does not have any money to give. As our friends at Legal Scoops say, “suing someone who doesn’t have any money can be frustrating and fruitless.” 

2. People You Still Want to Do Business With

Nothing makes people mad like being sued.  Do you still want that doctor to perform your surgery?  Then, you probably do not want to sue him.  Do you still want to buy flowers from the corner flower shop?  Then do not sue them.  If you sue them, they will probably ask you never to come back to their flower shop.


3. People Who Did Nothing Wrong – This One Gives Personal Injury Lawyers in Cincinnati, and Everywhere Else a Bad Name.

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I get phone calls frequently from people who want to, for example, sue a business because they fell down the steps when visiting that business.  When I hear that someone wants to sue because he or she fell down the steps, but first question is always “what was wrong with the steps?”  If the answer is “Nothing, I just fell,” that is going to be a problem.

If no one did anything (or failed to do anything) that caused you harm, you probably cannot win a lawsuit.  If the business failed to keep the steps safe and unobstructed, that is a different matter entirely.  Was the carpet on the steps torn?  Were the steps slippery because someone dropped something on them and never bothered to clean it up?  In that case, the defendant may have done something wrong.  It may have failed in its obligation to keep the steps reasonably safe.

There are some cases that involve “strict liability,” meaning the defendant can be liable even if the defendant was not negligent.  Strict liability usually comes up in the context of products, like drugs, or fertilizer, or tools.  Even in strict liability cases, there has to be something wrong with the product.  Otherwise, you cannot win.

4. Someone You Hate, But Did Not Really Cost You Any Money (Or Anything of Demonstrative Value).

This one is pretty infuriating.  It comes up in the context of defamation.  For example, let us say your now ex-boyfriend told everyone he broke up with you because you cheated on him, but that is not true.  You never cheated.  The ex-boyfriend is a liar!

Yes, the ex sounds like a terrible person, and you are probably better off without him, but his lies never cost you any money.  That means, you are not going to be able to successfully sue him because you can only win if the defendant cost you something.

I could imagine a case in which your ex-boyfriend’s lies do cost you money.  Perhaps, you are a waitress who relies on tips.  All of a sudden, you are hardly getting any tips.  The people who come into the restaurant say that just do not tip cheaters.  Now, your ex has a problem because he has cost you money.

You may have noticed the words above in parenthesis: “or anything else that has a demonstrative value.”  Let us say, for example, you bought a perm kit and when you put the perm solution on your hair, it all broke off at the root.  Your hair does have a demonstrative value, so you may be able to sue the maker of the perm kit for the value of your hair.  You can also sue for pain and suffering and loss of companionship and other “costs” you incurred because of the defendant’s wrongdoing.

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Kim Beck

Attorney Kimberly Beck

Cincinnati, Ohio

Attorney Kim Beck is the managing member of Beck Law Center, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She has 15 years of experience as an attorney, mostly on the defense.  She now represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases involving a variety of injuries caused by defecting drugs/ pharmaceuticals, medical malpractice, and other series accidents.  If you would like more information about her background and experience, please review her profile page.

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