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Online Booking

Book an appointment with a lawyer online. Beck Law Center is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We represent clients in serious accident and medical malpractice cases in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia. We also represent clients in pharmaceutical cases in every state.

Diana Haskell, Kate Feuerberg, and Kim Beck working together in an office
Cincinnati - Get Legal Help Now - In a Courtroom

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Existing clients:

You can book an appointment with a lawyer online here, call us directly at 888-434-2912, send a message through Mycase or email us directly.  If you don't have a specific person to email, please email

You always have access to your case file.

All your legal information is in one spot on our website, and you can see it whenever you want.

"It's like MyChart for your case!"

As a client of the law firm, you can log in through the website to see your case files.  You can also send and receive case specific messages from team members.  Current clients can sign in here.

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