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Beck Law Center takes on medical malpractice in Cincinnati and its surrounding areas, including portions of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Medical Malpractice Cincinnati – Each of the Three Surrounding States Have Their Own Unique Rules.

Courts and law makers have put unique requirements on medical malpractices cases.  For example, in Ohio, someone hurt by the negligence of a doctor, dentist, or hospital has to include an affidavit when filing the complaint.  Otherwise, the case may be dismissed before it even starts.  In Kentucky, if the medical malpractice leads to death, the case must be brought by an administrator appointed by the probate court and the statute of limitations starts to run on the date the administrator is appointed, unless the administrator is appointed more than one year after the date of death. Your lawyer needs to know the unique rules of medical malpractice.

Medical Malpractice Cases Involve Their Own Language.

Medical malpractice claims often include medical terminology and complex medical concepts.  Kimberly Beck has dealt with cases involving complex medical conditions, and she speaks the language.  She knows how to communicate with doctors and understand important details in the medical records.  Kimberly and her team have the background necessary to effectively represent those injured by the negligence of a medical or dental provider.

Our Experts Know How to Educate.

Medical Malpractice

Beck Law Center works with consulting experts who can analyze the facts of your case, including the information in your medical records and the testimony of the defendant’s expert witnesses to help Beck Law Center effectively represent you.  The experts are teachers, first teaching Beck Law Center team members and clients whatever they need to know about the specific medical condition or medical procedure at issue.  Then, they educate the judge and the jury so that they can come to the right decisions.

Can You Sue a Hospital?

Yes, a hospital can be held liable for medical malpractice/ medical negligence in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana.  The trick is figuring out who is at fault.  Was the doctor employed by the hospital or just a contractor?  Did the hospital's systems and procedures cause the injury?  These can be difficult questions to answer without the help of a lawyer.  For more information about suing a hospital, see this blog entry.

Dentist malpractice

Who Else Can Be Liable for Malpractice?

Anyone acting in the capacity as a medical or dental professional can be liable for malpractice, including nurses, doctors, and dentists.  A medical or dental professional can be sued for malpractice successfully if that professional's care fell below the applicable standard of care.  That means a nurse needs to provide care that meets the standard that an ordinary nurse would provide in a similar situation.  Similarly, an orthodontist needs to provide the care an ordinary orthodontist would provide.  Everyone is held to the standard of care applicable to their position.

How Do I Know Whether the Doctor, Dentist or Nurse's Care Fell Below the Standard?

We need to talk to someone else in the particular area of specialty.  The more complex the area of medicine or dentist, the more reliant the jury will be on expert witnesses.  In other words, we will need a neurosurgeon to tell us what an ordinary neurosurgeon would do in any particular circumstance.  That is why it is so important to pick the right experts - experts who can really engage and teach a jury about the applicable standard of care.

When you want a medical malpractice Cincinnati lawyer who knows what she is doing and has the team to help her resolve your case efficiently, you want Kimberly Beck and the Beck Law Center team.

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