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Singulair has been on the market in the US since 1998.  Based statements made by Merck (the maker of Singulair), the FDA approved Singulair for children six months and older.  It treats hay fever, asthma and allergies.


The Harm

For decades, Merck has been receiving reports from patients taking Singulair.  Many reports told Merck that people who took Singulair experienced neuropsychiatric injuries.  These include obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, tics, tremors, stuttering, and suicidality.  Nonetheless, Merck downplayed the risk of neuropsychiatric injuries.



In March 2020, the FDA finally forced Merck to put a stronger warning on Singulair.  In fact, FDA required a “Black Box Warning,” which is the strongest kind.


Also, FDA issued a press release in March 2020.  Therein, an FDA spokesperson said, “We are taking this action after a review of available information ... Prescribing information already includes warnings about mental health side effects, including suicidal thoughts or actions; however, many health care professionals, patients and caregivers are not aware of the risk.”  In short, Merck has not been adequately warning anyone of the dangers of this drug.


The Law Suit

Beck Law Center is filing Singulair cases!  We have filed one in Wisconsin federal court and dozens in New Jersey state court.  Additionally, we have started discovery.  The litigation is rolling.

Timeline for Singulair Cases

March 2020 - FDA requires Merck to put a Black Box Warning on Singulair.

July 2020 - First Singulair cases are filed.

July 2021 - Beck Law Center moves for all cases filed in New Jersey to be consolidated in front of one judge.

October 2021 - Merck begins producing documents.

January 2022 - The NJ Supreme Court granted our motion to consolidate all NJ cases.

May 2022 - Judge Porto orders plaintiffs to produce whatever documents they have showing that they used Singulair.

August 2022 - Two California Courts find that they have jurisdiction over Merck, the maker of Singulair.

Frequently Asked Questions about Singulair Cases

Can I sue generic pharmaceutical companies?
Generally, no, you cannot sue a generic pharmaceutical company unless the company made a mistake when manufacturing the drug.  However, you may be able to sue the brand name drug manufacturer even if you only used generic.
Can I get withdrawal from Singulair?
There is evidence that Singulair causes withdrawal symptoms, that injuries caused by Singulair can be permanent, and that injuries can arise for the first time after you stop taking Singulair.
What are the long term side effects of Singulair (montelukast)?
We do not know all of the long term effects of Singulair (montelukast), but we know it can cause neuropsychiatric injuries, including tics, tremors, and suicidality.
Do I need to stop taking Singulair immediately?
You should never stop taking a drug or change your current course of medical treatment without speaking to your doctor.  You should speak with your doctor about whether the risks of Singulair outweigh the benefits for you.
I want to sue for the injuries caused by Singulair, but I don't want to get my doctor in trouble. What should I do?
Your doctor is probably not at fault for prescribing Singulair because Merck, the maker of Singulair withheld information about its risks from everyone including the medical community.  As a result, your doctor will likely not be sued, even if you sue Merck.
Can Singulair hurt children?
Yes, Singulair may be more likely to cause injury to a developing brain than the brain of an adult.

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