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What to Do in a Deposition

What to do in a deposition

What to do in a deposition (1) If you don’t know or don’t remember, say that (2) bring a snack and a drink and make yourself as comfortable as possible (3) Don’t…

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What Should I do if I’m in a Car Accident?

Ask yourself “What should I do if I’m in a car accident?” before an accident occurs. It is pretty difficult to think clearly and strategically in the heat of the moment, especially when your adrenalin is going because you have just been in a car accident. That is why you need to ask yourself “what…

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What Will I Have to do if I Sue a Drug Company?

What will I have to do if I sue a drug company

If you sue a drug company, you are going to have to fill out some forms. Right off the bat, we always ask our clients to fill out some forms so we can better understand what the case is about. We also ask questions that help us to determine whether you have a good case.…

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What happens at a deposition?

The Deposition Notice You or your lawyer will receive a “deposition notice” that says when and where your deposition is going to take place.  It will also tell you whether your deposition is going to be recorded by a stenographer or a stenographer/videographer.  A stenographer is the court reporter.  The stenographer will type out everything…

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What is Expected of Me in a Deposition?

What is Expected of Me in a Deposition – Whether My Case or Someone Else’s? The Court Expects You to Be Respectful. What is expected of me in a deposition? Respect! Forget everything you have seen on television about lawsuits or court cases. Law & Order is very entertaining, but not very realistic. There will…

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How to Pick the Right Cincinnati Lawyer

Cincinnati Lawyer

If you don’t know any lawyers, how do you figure out which are the good lawyers and which are the bad? This article sets for some considerations and what you should look for when doing your research.

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